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Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Are whale watching tours bad for whales?

Whale watching tours have negative impacts on whales if not conducted responsibly. Approaching too closely, making too much noise, or disrupting their natural behavior can cause stress and harm to the animals. Therefore, choose a reputable tour operator that follows responsible whale watching guidelines. We at Humpback tours have done the research for you, we only work with trusted whale watching operators.

Are whale watching tours safe?

Whale watching tours are very safe when conducted by a reputable and experienced tour operators that follows all safety protocols. However, keep in mind that being out on the ocean can be unpredictable, there is always some level of risk involved. Booking from this website ensures that you are only booking with reputable and experienced tour operators.

Does whale watching make you seasick?

Some people may experience seasickness while whale watching, especially if the ocean is rough. So take medication or natural remedies for seasickness if you are prone to it, and to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

What is whale watching?

Whale watching involves observing whales and other cetaceans in their natural habitat, usually from a boat. Whale watching can be done in many locations around the world, and it is a popular activity for tourists and nature enthusiasts. So why wait book your whale watching tour today.

What season is whale watching?

The best season for whale watching varies depending on the location. In general, whales are more easily spotted during their migration periods, which can occur during different times of the year in different parts of the world, May – October in most parts of Australia. We recommended to research the specific location and time of year before planning a whale watching tour.

Is whale watching safe during pregnancy?

Consult with a doctor before going on a whale watching tour during pregnancy. The safety of the activity depends on the individual’s health and the conditions of the tour. The ocean can be rough on bad weather days.

Will I 100% see a whale, and what happens if I don’t?

There is no guarantee that you will see a whale during a whale watching tour, as these are wild animals and their behavior cannot be predicted. Reputable tour operators will typically offer a policy that allows customers to return for free or receive a partial refund if no whales are seen. As we are a reseller of Whale Watching Tours we recommend that you look at the tour operators terms and conditions for clarification.

Is payment safe on this website? is a secure and reputable website and you can be assured that every measure has been taken to make you payment safe and secure. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns

Why would I purchase from this website?

Humpback tours have more than 30 years experience in the tourism industry. We have done the research to ensure that you are only buying top quality whale watching tours.  

How do I contact someone about the tour I have booked?

We are a whale watching reseller, we recommend that you contact the tour operator directly, their details will be on your booking confirmation.
If you do want to contact us please email us at

How do I contact someone from Humpback Tours?

You can contact us by email on we will reply within 24hrs.

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